Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Rise and shine at 5:30 a good glimpse of the International Space Station as it flew over at 6:58. Carried on with the internet till way after sunrise. Spent the late morning at the ranch supply store hanging out with Whitebear. Finally around 11:45, a UPS truck came along. He drove right by heading south, but stopped and turned around to meet me. The driver only came back to tell me that Jerry was off today and another new driver had my boxes. I waited about 10 more minutes and along he came so I flagged him down. He seemed rather relieved that he wouldn't have to come out and find my house - even though Jerry had drawn a map on one of my boxes to show the driver where I lived - now that's service!

Worked on the assembly of my new welder and studied the handbook. Everything seems to be in order and ready to go now. I packed up 6 pieces of re bar and strapped it down to my truck. Fit just right overhanging the pickup bed my 3', passing through the back window, through the cab and out the passenger window about 2'. Took it slow and drove over to Chucks where I will do the initial welding. Too late to get started so I called it a day.

Did another time lapse test with the exposure lock off and it doesn't work very well. The camera is always trying to keep up with the changing light and it just looks bad. No sample to show off tonight - but will try to catch the Space Station fly by's happening twice which is a rare occurrence. First low / short pass at 5:52 AM, then a second pass at 7:24 AM with a 4 minute view much higher in the sky. That's the one I will try to capture as the morning light should just about be perfect at that time of day.


Unknown said...

Excellent! Love those ISS pictures!

MsBelinda said...

John you get up awfully early. What time do you go to bed?

Anonymous said...

You have turned into my Dad after all.