Friday, January 9, 2009

Welding Day One

Seemed to take forever today to get going on the welding....finally fired it up by 12:30PM. Welder worked like a charm and my design came together perfectly. Got the initial welds done on tower 1 for my ranch entrance by 4:30PM. Will weld up tower 2 to this point tomorrow then add the cross bracing for both on Sunday. Aunt Kathy shot this photo for me. Cleaned up the work area at Chucks then headed home for a shower - boy that felt good!! Set up the camera and was able to catch a pretty good burp of a sunset this evening.


Anonymous said...

Great shot of sunset.
Careful with that fringe on the bottom of your welding hat; a spark would burn a hole.

MsBelinda said...

I am impressed you are a jack of all trades!!

Anonymous said...

How long was the actual "burp"...the film was 50 seconds. Looked like the sky was on fire. Is that a typical sunset?

Anonymous said...

a trimmed beard would save your skin......dont catch on fire dude, I saw it happen in art school

John Wells said...

Rest assured all - I keep the beard out of harms way. Jack of all trades / master of none. The sunset about 45 minutes long - that was a typical "7" on a scale of 1 to 10 as far as sunsets go out here. The best ones happen when we have a lot of low cloud cover directly overhead and clearing to the west.

Terry said...

Alerted to you through

Good for you my friend. I hope the coming year has nothing but the best waiting for you.