Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Day Off

Took a day off to help a friend today...Ronald (the nicest guy in Texas) was stranded in Alpine. Seems his little green ghost of a car may have bit the bullet. He has driven this poor little beast into the ground over the past year but who can blame him at 35mpg. Scooted up to save him from the clutches of the big city to bring him home to nirvana....grabbed a few supplies and shot over to Marfa to drop off Fiona Mae's hat at the radio station. Got back to the ranch in the late afternoon with no time for stuff at the Field Lab (including a shower). That's ok....had a chance to help out a really good friend today and that's all that matters. Now that Ronald is stranded home, he has nothing to distract him from getting his new house built.


Anonymous said...

It's really nice to have friends ... especially when things get tough or go wrong. May your spirit be rewarded for you kindness. And, may your hot water be endless.

Anonymous said...

Hi John, Thank you for your wonderful act of kindness in helping out a friend! I'm glad you didn't say he was single and looking, because then I'd have to stake my claim!Actually, I'm doing that now! lol
Ronald is a beautiful person and I'm so glad he has friends like you to call on! God bless you and I look forward to reading your next blog!
Have a great evening!

Anonymous said...

Came across a neat new product called translucent concrete over at Popular Mechanics. They mix in optical fibers into the concrete mix to allow light to pass through. Given the number of friends that you have that are building this might be an interesting way to get some ambient light into their homes.

"A Hungarian architect invented these translucent concrete tiles that contain optical fibers, allowing light to pass through. They are now sold through his company Litracon."